What’s in a name?

Every so often, I go too far…

It’s a curse.

When I was publishing one of my latest novels (DICK) I thought it was a great play on words and a fantastic title for a book. I mean, how could you go wrong? He’s a bad boy, his name is Richard, and everyone calls him Dick! It’s genius!

If only booksellers felt the same way about a book with DICK emblazoned across the cover in 72pt font. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

Anyway, I guess that means I need a new name. Meet Richard, a BAD BOY romance! 😉

If anyone wanted to see the old cover and laugh at my silliness, here’s what it looked like:


Seems totally respectable, right?

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading RICHARD, click right here to grab a copy. It’s 99 cents or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Until next time…


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