??? Saving Landon is finally here!!! ???

? I just released my latest blockbuster novel! Saving Landon is a Motorcycle Club romance with love and ultimate redemption, and I think you’re going to love it! The awesome reviews are already pouring in, and I’m so excited to share this book with all of you.

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Want a little taste?

The dirty little secret we left buried outside Jethrow was supposed to stay buried… I ran away, just like he told me to. A new name, a new town. I lived a sheltered life far from the club and farther still from the man who owned my innocence…

I never expected him to find me again, but when I came across the motorcycle accident just outside Baddock, I knew my quiet little life was over… Until he asked me what my name was.

I barely remember my own name, but I know I’m not a good man…

Scars on my knuckles, tattoos of skulls and dragons running down my arms, the twisted wreck of my motorcycle or the patches ripped from my leather cut…


I’m a bad man.

I’m the kind of man a girl like Lucy should be running away from… But she isn’t running. I feel something for this girl. She’s taken me in. She’s helping me heal. With my memory returning piece by piece, I know this girl just wants to save me from myself.

But I want more… And I won’t stop until I possess her.


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Love and kisses to all my sexy readers!

-Nikki xoxoxo

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